Moving Day. The Past, Present, and Future.

A quick post while the movers are literally loading my stuff. WOW, it’s been a stressful last few weeks but it’s all settling (well at least in a week or so it will be). I have been training hard for Boston Marathon and Ice Age (not quite getting the miles in I want but putting in adequate mileage). I just got some new custom orthotics that I am trying to get use to. I have been working at Performance Running (best running store in the nation). And trying to put behind me the trauma of the last couple years. The justice system has locked up the defendant and I feel that justice is being served to protect other women from sexual assault.

I won’t lie, we are all human, and the last 2 years have been challenging. July 2010 I was assaulted by a co-worker while working as a Personal Trainer. It was scary, terrifying, and life-changing. BUT… I will not let that dictate who I am or my future. I only hope is that after he spends time in jail, he gets the help he needs and does not do this to another female as he has done to minors in the past and myself.

Moving forward… I am really excited about what the future holds in store. I’m moving to downtown Cedarburg (a place that truly feels like home (a comfort zone). I continue to help in every way I can at Performance Running, I am coaching a handful of athletes, I have returned to running competitively and happily, and I have the most AMAZING support system with friends and my medical team. Faith is what has given me the most strength of all. Grateful for being a child of God and his unconditional love.

I am also grateful for every single person that has stood by my side, providing support, motivation, love, a shoulder to cry on, and a hug! You guys rule!

So, a little comic relation. Mover’s just tried to move to heavy bag with the base filled with water. It wouldn’t budge. SO, it’s being drained of water in the bath tub and I have the movers panting and out of breath. But they are still laughing and my sincere apologies and telling me to stick with running. They did compliment me on my organized packing. (I have some practice ;)…


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