Power of Success

Taken for the Daily Word today, these words of wisdom can not be more appropriate. Enjoy.

The light of God leads me to success.

How do I measure success? Is it the balance in my bank account, the number of friends I have or the amount of things I own? These are material markers, but they do not reflect who I am. The true measure of success is my ability to greet each day with a positive attitude and the assurance that I am in my right and perfect place. It is my willingness to allow the presence of God to guide me to right actions. It is my capacity to trust the power of God to sustain me.

As I let God’s light shine on all I do, I cannot fail. Staying faithful to the powerful Presence within me, I move forward with confidence. This is my measure of success.

…. Your world is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. -Psalm 119:10

I have minimized much in my life recently. I live in simpler surroundings, I have an amazing job at PRO that allows me to educate and inspire others, I have decided deep within me that I will continue to live the life that makes me happy. I will run, I will work in the environment I am so passionate about, and I will continue to be there for all those that have been so instrumental in my life. I love what I do and that is all that matters to me…and as long as I continue to use my gifts in pursuing my passions living in Faith, I have found all the success I need.

Find your power of success and live YOUR life and no one else’s ! 🙂



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