Milestone. First red meat in well over a decade. Took courage


Got blood results back from yesterday’s test and I am anemic. Ferritin is low and an answer to my tiredness and feeling as if I have been run over by a freight train 24/7. Headaches, short of breath, legs heavy, and general soreness. So what am I going to do? With Boston Marathon in 4 weeks and Ice Age 50K in 8 weeks… I better do something and it’s going to take a major move on my part. So…. tonight I ate beef. Yes, real beef. Not fake “veggie” beef but real red meat. It took courage I wasn’t so sure I had.

I stopped and got some liquid iron called Floradix recommended to me this afternoon. Then after work tonight stopped at Trader Joes. Stood first looking at clams. Canned clams. Seriously??? What the heck does one do with canned clams. All I knew was that they were high in iron and a great source of iron and protein. In the cart they went. Then I spotted clam chowder… not the heavy creamy kind but the tomato based one. Cool, at least I can just put in bowl, heat and eat.

Then I went to the freezer and meat section. I stood looking at the different choices of meals and options that included beef. Most probably thought there must be something wrong with me. I would pick something up, stare at it, put it back down, and move to the next beef product. I stood looking at beef and products that included it for at least 20 minutes. Half in confusion and half in denial. I settled on beef tamales. At least the beef would be hidden and I could use lots of salsa.

So I purchased OJ (without calcium), clams, clam chowder, beef tamales, almond butter, gluten free bread, and peanut butter puffins gluten free cereal …(not sure I needed that last item) 😉

Got home. Stared again at the tamale package. Opened it.. harmless. Wrapped tamale in damp paper towel and put in microwave. 4:00 later BEEP. OK now what?

Unwrapped tamale, beef was hidden, topped with salsa and added some chips on the side. YIKES…. here it goes I thought. Popped open a diet coke and went to work.

….. it was good in taste and decent in texture. Tried not to look at it as the beef was not real pretty. But ate the whole thing and shortly after I found myself googling grass fed beef burgers (maybe with some blue cheese?). I guess my body is screaming for some iron. I work and train WAY to hard to let this get in the way. I hope to be able to eat red meat 2 x week.

I will take my iron with OJ AM and PM… and choose iron rich foods in between hoping to increase my ferritin levels, feel better, and maybe expand my horizons 😉 Most of all, one always has to keep in mind.”must fuel the fire” …

More expanding of my horizons to follow. I’m beat!


2 thoughts on “Milestone. First red meat in well over a decade. Took courage

  1. I’m a vegan marathoner (also running Boston) and lately have been wondering about this whole iron thing. I (when I remember) take an iron supplement, eat tons of dark green veggies, and eat enriched cereal quite a bit. How did you decide red meat was the ticket to up your iron?

    • Well, I tried the red meat. After talking to Dr. again, I will continue liquid iron (Floradix) and continue to eat dark greens, I will introduce more fish (clams, tilipia, salmon, ahi tuna) and eat nuts and seeds high in iron. To me, eating red meat is just “not for me” I tried but I have a really sensitive GI system and the cons’s outweigh the pro’s. I think it’s just a fine line of balancing training load, nutrition, and REST. 😉

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