Advice Hurts…But Listen!

March Madness — I have 2 of the teams in the Final Four and those said 2 teams I have playing in the Final. Go Kentucky, Go Kansas. Kentucky all the way!!! Do I maybe see $$$ signs? Time will tell 😉

While driving to work this AM I decided to take Lake Dr. .. What I saw was interesting. Lots of runners out running with so many different styles and mechanics. Most were either over-striding or looking like they might die. I started to think that these individuals could enjoy running more with better form, less effort, and possibly less looks of death. I started to laugh at myself and think “wonder if I look like that” … We all need to work on form, mechanics, strength, and injury prevention.

Then I got to work. PRO was BUSY and I could not believe the amount of customers coming in with aches and pains. Most were so excited to finally be somewhere that they could get good quality caring advice from knowledgeable runner’s that understand the importance of the “right” shoe and “proper” training. I thought back to the runner’s I saw out earlier and their looks of torture across their faces as I drove by. NEWS FLASH: Running does NOT have to hurt!

Spent the day helping runner’s of all levels, giving advice, referring to smarter more qualified medical professionals, and after work talking to an athlete about training. Then as I drove home, I felt empty. Lifeless. Was I tired or was my brain over-loaded with ideas and “to do’s”… I have so many ideas. Some to soon hopefully be implemented, ways to help those that feel they can’t. You can!!!

Advice hurts…

I then got to thinking about the 2 or 3 individuals that came in with over use aches and pains. I told them they needed to take some down time. I lectured on the importance of getting to the line happy, healthy, and with energy. They looked crushed as I told them it was better to take a few days off now than being forced to take weeks off later. I felt their pain, I understood their feelings of defeat, and yet I sat their knowing that advice hurts …

I was recently in their shoes, being told to take forced downtime .. just 3 weeks before the Boston Marathon (a dream I honestly thought might never happen). I sat their in the Dr.’s office feeling crushed, feeling as if an axe had gone through me, feeling betrayed by my body.

Yet I sat at the store today, speaking those same words of wisdom from my Dr.

I can’t explain why our bodies react as they do. I continue to learn and have come to one huge conclusion. We are not meant to coach ourselves in whatever we aspire to do. We need other’s to save us from ourselves. I have the most amazing team. Mike @ Froedtert Sports Med.–  Brett Schumacher, my running coach – Pastor Raasch – my amazing Dr.’s including (Dr. Mark NiedfeldtDr. Lesko, Dr. Porter, Dr. Carole Vetter) – Dr. Werner and Grafton ChiropracticDane LaFontsee – Luke Laga and so many more including amazing friends and sponsors (Froedtert Sports Med. Performance Enhancement and Oiselle) THANK YOU!

So as hard as it is.. (and at times it’s almost impossible) we must listen to our own advice and follow the advice of those that have been there and have the expertise to guide us. Boston will happen, I am being guided by the best and my only task at hand is to listen to my advisors and be honest with those that are guiding me. I am fortunate to be living the dream …With Faith and Belief …All is possible!

So as the day has turned to evening I sip on a glass of Estancia Chardonnay and reflect on the past and present. I think back to today’s message in church. It was about “Suffering” … When we are hurt and in pain, God is there (he has felt pain, he understands), when we are frustrated and feel rejected (God has been there too, he has felt those feelings as well), when we are lost and afraid (yes, he has been there also). So don’t fear suffering, you are not along and He is with you holding your hand. You are not alone. With Faith, you can overcome anything and end result is a far better place.

Have a GREAT week and stay strong!



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