10 days to Boston trip! Surreal

Wow, was reminded today that less than 1 year ago I was facing spine surgery and had little function in my left leg. 10 days from now I leave to run in the Boston Marathon, wave 1, and get to see my great friend Bev and Coach Brett.. among other awesome friends and those that continue to inspire me.

WOW. It is surreal and so has the last year been. Many ups and downs, a bit of a roller coaster ride, and not without such amazing support and guidance from those I hold close to my heart. You all rule!

So I sit here contemplating starting a list for Boston, thinking of what must get done before, finding it hard to concentrate on anything but visualizing what it will be like out there, and using my strong Faith and courage to go out and do the best I can on that given Monday April 16th. Just starting the race is an accomplishment and means more to me that any time goal, honestly. In many ways Boston has been a light at the end of a dark tunnel. There have been days I have doubted myself but not one day has ended with doubt and only hope from God and so many others.

I want to speak to those that are fighting adversity of any kind and tell you, I know how dark and scary it can get, but I also know that each dark and scary canyon leads to a bright and sunny peak at the top of the mountain. So never give in to the fear and despair and dream big… you will soon see the peak!




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