Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow is Good Friday. A special and VERY meaningful day. I’m looking forward to the day off from work. A good run workout in the AM, acupuncture session with Luke Laga, hours to get some writing done, a strength/core session with Mike in the afternoon, and time in the evening to spend at First Immanuel for Good Friday service. Plus it’s Opening Day for the Brewers .. 🙂 Might have to pull out the Brewer jersey, given to me during a very special game and presentation on the home field!!! a GREAT memory

Today was super fun talking to a big group of track athletes. I talked about the importance of good shoes, proper running form, core and strength drills, running drills, nutrition, and character traits such as focus, positive attitude, determination, and teamwork. It’s fun to see how the kids key into different topics and to see their enthusiasm!!!

Then it was off to the store. We got in the Nike LunarSpider … it’s SICK awesome. Not quite enough shoe for a marathon but maybe a half and certainly 5K/10K. That shoe might just inspire me enough to do a shorter race 😉

Had a great social run to finish off the work day.

Starting to get excited nervous for the Boston Marathon. I leave a week from tomorrow. Not sure what kind of shape I’m in due to a few set-backs but know I have the best guiding me and supporting my efforts. Whatever happens on race day, I know I forever grateful to be able to run and participate in such an amazing event. I honestly feel I have not come close to my potential as a distance runner and now with Coach Brett, Mike, and ultra-running greats like Luke Laga and my amazing Dr.’s I can progress and reach new ground. I am VERY EXCITED and SUPER MOTIVATED.

Onward and with further progress… live each day to the fullest with ZERO REGRETS 😉


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