Runner’s Clinic at Froedtert Sports Medicine

Froedtert Sports Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin offers the most complete program for runners I have ever seen. Froedtert has so much they can offer the athlete and that is precisely why so many high school, college, professional, and olympic athletes call Froedtert Sports Medicine their training “base”. Many are not aware that so much of the same equipment and modalities offered at Olympic Training Centers are here right in our backward.

I can speak from experience. Many ask, how I have come through 3 major spine surgeries and multiple knee surgeries as a result of a traumatic cycling accident. Froedtert Sports Medicine and the team of experts at the clinic are to thank. I have been working with a team including Mike Ribar, ATC, PES at Froedtert for about 3 years. They have seen me through thick and thin, the greatest highs and the most frustrating lows, it is because of them I am back running competitively despite 30+ screws, rods, and plates in my spine. Their incredible care, support, expertise, and inspiration provided have been tools that have helped me overcome the adversity. I am leaving a week from today to run the Boston Marathon. A dream that has become a reality. I will continue to work with Froedtert Sports Med and the Runner’s Clinic as I prepare for the 2016 Olympic Trials and beyond. Thanks Froedtert Sports Med. and the Runner’s Clinic. 🙂


Take advantage of this great program and you will find yourself running faster, further, and without nagging injuries.

Are you ready to become a better runner?

Do you want to run the Rock ‘n Sole Half Marathon this June but you have a nagging injury? Froedtert & Medical College Sports Medicine Center, a proud sponsor of the Rock ‘n Sole, would like to remind runners that they offer several services designed specifically for runners. The experts at the Sports Medicine Center offer a comprehensive approach to treatment for all types of running-related injuries to optimize return to running. Additionally, the Runners’ Clinic provides injury prevention and performance enhancement services. Give us a call today for a free injury screening by a Licensed Athletic Trainer, or come check out our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. (414-805-8602)




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