What is wrong with society?

At first I thought I was being short fused, I’m tired and tend to have diminished patience when I am really tired. Then I got to thinking about what I witnessed today and I felt it was a topic that needed mentioning.

After work I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some wine, cheese, and stuff to make energy bars. I drove around those cars waiting for the next person to leave and sought out a parking spot fairly far away to avoid chaos … As I was walking towards the store, two grown men were standing outside of their cars arguing who was there first all over a handicapped parking spot. As I walked closer I noticed keith car had a handicapped sticker or license mark. There voices were getting more harsh and I realized these were 2 completely able men fighting over a parking spot that was dedicated to those that are for some reason handicapped. I was really irritated (keep in mind I am really tired) and as I walked past them I stopped briefly and asked if either of them were handicapped (obviously they were lazy). Both shot back “NO”. I looked at both of them and said, “then neither of you deserve this spot” and walked away shaking my head. I have no idea what happened after that but I hope I made them realize how stupid they were acting.

Heaven forbid we are required to walk a couple extra feet to get to where we need to be. Wonder why we live in an environment where the majority are overweight and obese? Cause we don’t move enough.

I am not saying everyone needs to run, bike, run marathons, or partake in sports. But seriously people; MOVE YOUR BODY AND WALK A FEW EXTRA STEPS.

I honestly feel sorry for these individuals. Laziness in America has overcome so many. Many think those that run are “crazy” and marathon runners are “insane”. No we are not, we simply like to use the gift of movement to enhance our outlook on life and the gifts we have been given.

So MOVE and stop being so LAZY. OK, I gotta go get laundry done, and no I don’t need an elevator to get down to the first floor….I’ll take the steps 😉


2 thoughts on “What is wrong with society?

  1. I hear you on this. I knew a guy who was perfectly able and drove his grandmother’s handicapped car and called the cops to report that someone had parked in a handicapped spot illegally so that he could then park there. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen

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