Exciting Times! Living Life!

It’s Monday and I honestly don’t understand where the weeks go. I’m so excited for all the participants in the Performance Running Training Programs .. we have a great 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon programs with awesome runners participating. I’m super excited to see these individuals accomplish their goals moving towards race day.

I am recovered from Boston and moving forward with my training under the great guidance of Coach Brett Schumacher and Mike Ribar at Froedtert Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement . I am racing the Ice Age Half Marathon a week from Sat. and then a 10 mile road race on May 27th … Looking forward to both and hoping the hard work is paying off. Brett and Mike are really helping me to look long term and remain consistent in my training.

I am also driving some new wheels. I now drive a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback and LOVE it! Awesome gas mileage and cute. It even talks to me and is all synced up music, phone, directions, sports scores, restaurant guides, you name it. Pretty sweet. Not sure I will ever own an SUV again. They are just not efficient.

I will not miss the Mercury Mariner at all. It had just become one headache after another.

My Focus is cute, sporty, efficient, and fun to drive.


I am also starting to put some serious time into my non-profit 501 (c) (3) Ultimate Courage Overcoming Obstacles

I have recently begun a dream of mine to “pay back” my passion and support to those that have helped inspire me. Those that have been dealt obstacles and those that help individuals overcome the obstacles they have been dealt. Ultimate Courage Overcoming Obstacles will raise money for organizations such as the Barrow Neurological Institute helping them further their treatment and research in neurological and spine injuries and disorders.

I continue to work on writing my book and hope someday it can also inspire others! I am so grateful for all those that have inspired me along the way. So many thanks.

So here is to a great week ahead. Many happy miles, time with friends, working at a job I love, and finding a little time to just chill with a good book! Someday I will invent a bit more time in each day 😉

Happy Monday!



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