Scott Running Shoes: Love at first “run”

I was given the awesome opportunity to test out some Scott T2C Running Shoes and I can not say enough awesome things about them. These shoes have everything I am looking for and then some. The T2C is lightweight, promotes a natural foot strike, provides awesome cushioning and protection, and yet feel almost absent on your feet. I have run in hundreds of different shoes and was a bit skeptical at first, but after my first run in these shoes I was “addicted”. Runs seem almost effortless in them and yet I feel completely protected unlike some other minimal shoes out on the roads. The T2C uses

Ergologic Ride™

Ergologic Ride™

Run more naturally:

1.) With its mild Rocker Shape and lower heel height, the unique midsole design promotes a healthier body position and running form.

2.) EMG testing at the “Human Performance Lab” at the University of Calgary, indicates that the eRide-Technology is more energy efficient than standard designs.

3.) eRide enables a midfoot strike while providing a more cushioned and stable platform. The unique shape smoothly accommodates heel, midfoot or forefoot strikers.

4.) The rocker heel shape effectively creates a lower profile heel, minimizing heel-strike.

5.) The mild rocker geometry creates a smoother transition between phases of the gait cycle and more efficient propulsion.

6.) The minimalistic sole design is lighter weight and puts the foot closer to the ground, while still providing necessary cushioning, protection and traction.

I have now run more than 100 miles in these shoes and they remain my favorite in rotation. I am really excited to see what their other shoes feel like moving forward and hope to spread the Scott word among the running community. I really think this company and these designers are on the right path to continued success in the footwear industry. Keep up the great work Scott Sports!


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