Sorry, it has been so long since I last posted on here. So much going on and so many hats I am wearing.

Just got back from church, GREAT message from Pastor Raasch about Power and the Pentecost. God IS Power, God gives power, we are power and have power. It was just the words I needed as I am going through some anxiety. We are ALL human.

Other than that I lived through the deathly grasps of the stomach virus going around. Got sick last Sunday AM and couldn’t even keep water down until I ended up in the ER on Tuesday. 3 bags of IV fluids and some IV antibiotics and by Wed. was back at work. Not feeling good yet but at least at work. Feeling much better now and very grateful for it.

Was going to race this weekend and we decided it was not the smartest move, so unsure when the next race is, we are playing one day at a time. But I am physically feeling good.

I want us all to count are blessings. Several friends are going through some tragic times and it makes me step back and think of what is really important in life at the end. The last several weeks I have been thinking, reflecting, and praying for God to lead me down the path he thinks is best for me. 🙂 Only time will tell. Until then I pray and keep the Faith.

We all have Power to get through anything faced before us. God has given us that Power.


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