Wine, Sushi, and Olympic Trials

Life doesn’t get much better than this. Awesome sushi, wine, and watching the Olympic Trials later tonight. 🙂

All the boxes are packed, things ready for the movers, and I am finally sitting down (and yes having the first glass of wine in several nights). I am spent, sore, and exhausted BUT excited about the adventure that awaits in AZ.

I am REALLY excited to be part of the Sole Sports team and know I can be an inspiration and help them grow. I am also very very very excited to be part of the HUGE and AWESOME running and multi-sport community in AZ. If only I could take Mike Ribar with me… (he is the BEST ATC and Performance Enhancement Specialist in the world) .

I am excited to become part of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church and become a part of their Faith family. I am excited to see friends and role models I have looked up to for years including Susan Loken, Brett Schumacher, and so many others.

I am excited and looking forward to being close to my parents. Knowing we can be there for each other and able to share special time together.

I have fears for sure. I am leaving my very best friend, extended family, the most amazing support system of medical and rehab. specialists, and a community I know so much about. But we can become to comfortable in our comfort zone and in order to grow in our goals we must take on new adventures. We must step out of the comfort zone. That is very much the story of my life right now. … Stepping out of the comfort zone to grow in my goals. In life, in work, in running, and in relationships. 

It’s all very exciting, somewhat mentally draining, and yet I know with my Faith all will be accomplished with grace and courage. The countdown has started 9 days and counting and off to AZ.

Cherish each moment knowing that life is ever-changing and should never be taken for granted.

Always remember you can make a difference!


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