Vegetarianism isn’t for everybody! Bring on the turkey!

Trial and error. Plant based, protein deficient. While I know that it IS possible to get enough protein with a 100% plant based diet. It is not meant for everyone. I have tried a hundred different ways and my body just is not meant to exist on a 100% plant based diet. Why try?

Compassion towards animals primarily. Plants are full of antioxidants and fruits are full of vitamins. Nuts have protein and seeds have iron. But as I train harder my body cries for something missing.

It was after a hard workout in the AM that I sat around noon craving turkey. Most know that for me to crave turkey, something is amiss … For I only eat turkey on rare occasion and mostly just to humble those around me. But on this day and today I sit and crave turkey. Nothing on it to disguise, just the whole naturalness of organic non GMO turkey.

Today with much thought and pondering I am coming to the conclusion I simply can not be a vegetarian and will no longer try. I will eat sushi, fish, and select organic and free range chicken and turkey. I will eat free range eggs and I will forever listen to what my body is telling me.

I train to hard and have goals that are not for the faint of heart, therefore it is with the guidance of Mike R. and Dr. Niedfeldt that I fuel the engine. The quality of what goes in produces the results of what comes out. I set high standard for myself and will not do anything to sacrifice the results of the many hours I train each week.

As I move into a new chapter I will share with you recipes I create utilizing food as fuel. People are put into our lives and as time passes one realizes just how smart those people are and the reason they have been placed in our path. Many thanks to those that have continued to educate me despite my stubbornness and hardheadedness. You are truly world class!

Thanks for bringing me along and out of the dark side, for the light is certainly brighter.


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