T minus 1 day and counting

Great mens final today and win for Federer at Wimbledon, was fun to watch as he and Murray both played exceptional tennis. Bittersweet final and so glad to see Federer take the win.

Relaxing day today just kinda chilling out. Good workout and run this AM, coached a great friend at a nearby park as she prepares for her wedding and the rest of the racing season. Then came back to the hotel for some bloody mary’s and to watch Wimbledon with Dad. Since then it’s been a day of Tour de France highlights and a lot of golf on TV as the Pro Women are playing at nearby Black Wolf Run in Kohler.

Tomorrow we (Dad and I) leave for AZ. We will get to Kansas City tomorrow night, through Kansas/CO/ and to New Mexico Tues night, and then through Tucson and to Scottsdale on Wed. I’m feeling mixed with emotions as I will miss so many great friends. However I know that no one ever grows when they stay within their comfort zone. 😉

So off to wonderful opportunities, new friendships, and stepping out of my comfort zone to grow as an individual and athlete. I hope to grow in my Faith, my profession, and my athleticism. I plan to pick back up the tennis racket and also find my inner “fish-like” ability to start swimming as well.

I’ll leave you with this today. Watching Federer was inspiring. I believe he is one of the best athletes in any sport. He has both power, finesse, strength, and courage. He has overcome adversity, but most of all, he has a heart and is humble. Being humble is one of the most respected traits of any athlete. We are never more than one step away from our greatest success or most debilitating challenge. Have Faith, be humble, and appreciate those that support your goals!

Happy Sunday!


One thought on “T minus 1 day and counting

  1. Good luck with your new adventure! I love moving because of all the new adventures it brings. In each community we live in, we find something unique that the precious place didn’t offer. Love that!

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