Trader Joes

As I have promised, I will occasionally post some nutrition, food, and recipes on my blog. Today the ‘rents to me to Trader Joe’s to get the new apartment stocked with food. I basically get ALL my groceries at Trader Joe’s with the occasional stop at Whole Foods for a few key items. I am really trying to clean up my nutrition for both health and performance. So what was on the list?

Kale, Raw veggies (carrots, cucumbers, bell pepper, celery), Fruit (berries, banana, apples), Soy yogurt, Brown rice pasta, Almond butter, Gluten free waffles, Gluten free bread, Cherry jam, Vanilla almond milk, Salmon burgers, Veggie burgers, Salsa, Spicy flax chips, Edamame, Hummus, Gluten free dairy free vegetarian enchiladas, Coffee, Gluten free ginger snaps, Frozen strawberries, Frozen pineapple, AND Green planet juice (my favorite)!

Just a few of my favorites at Trader Joe’s. All is good, the move went well, and I have been unpacking and going 100 mph since 8 AM with not even a run session today. I am going to try to attempt a long run in the AM before church. Hoping to find some energy and wake up feeling better than I do tonight. Very excited to get all settled and then get to concentrate on working for Sole Sports and training for some upcoming races. Exciting times!

Stay tuned for some pictures coming in the next few days of the new place!!! 🙂



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