Single word answer! All is great in Arizona. While I am completely exhausted, it is all good. So much has happened in the last week, not even sure where to start.

Great news as I will represent Endurance Rehab. in training/racing/ and everyday life as a sponsored athlete. Endurance Rehab. is a premier rehab. and performance training facility here in Arizona. They have the best in therapists, the AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill, massage therapists, exercise physiologists, and more. I can not feel more grateful and humbled to be supported by this great facility and staff. Many many thanks.

In addition, I love working at Sole Sports and everyone is absolutely super amazing nice. I already feel part of the team and have only been here a week. So excited to work hard for such a great company.

The time spent with Mom and Dad has been great. Funny how everything just works out. Sometimes miles can put a huge strain on a relationship and I can’t be more happy I am in AZ and close to them again. Certainly yet another God deal.

Running is going well. I am slowly getting use to the heat (or just getting use to 4 AM wake-up calls). While one is then tired by about 8 PM, it certainly helps getting the run in before the sun is up. The race schedule looks fun and challenging, and I look forward to broadening my horizons a bit.

I feel grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing athletes and hope to pick up on some of their advice and knowledge.

In addition, I am working with “Support Barrow Neurological Institute” in starting my “Running For A Reason”. I hope over time to raise $50,000-100,000 for neurological research and treatment. Barrow and Dr. Porter were able to give me back my life and ability to pursue my dreams. My only hope is that I can in some way help others be given a similar gift.

So the week starts in just a few hours. Busy week indeed! The mountains surrounding me give me peace, strength, and courage as I continue to overcome the adversities set before me. Each day the light seems to get brighter and surf seems a little less daunting. For that, I am grateful!

Have a great week.

Cristin 🙂


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