Taking a Breath

Hi! Hope each and everyone of you are doing great. I’m great and busy! However, the last week has been fill with frustration and excitement. So many great things are falling into place perfectly however training has been frustrating. I just simply don’t have enough time in each day to do everything I want to and get all accomplished. Add to that my Mom made me cookies and due to being tired and unmotivated to cook, those cookies seem to be the staple of my diet.  Not the best source of fuel for performance but very yummy!

However this has taught me yet another lesson in life. — Stop beating yourself up and re-evaluate what’s really important. Next week I start training but training with a different approach. I am roughly 18 weeks out from a marathon and I plan to take a different approach for this one. I will be coaching myself. I know the workouts I need to do, I know my body better than anyone (except maybe Mike R. in WI, he who got me through 3 spine surgeries, 3 knee surgeries and has shared the brightest and darkest moments with me. Miss you Mike) and I have learned over the last couple weeks that I need less structure to stay happy. I am surrounded by amazing supportive people that I can both learn from and be motivated by their dedication but it is me that I must listen to. It is my body that will tell me what side of the fine line I am on. Any competitive distance runner knows that we exist on a fine line of over-training and under-training. It is that line that determines our success and/or overuse injury. Most of all, in order to train at a very high level one must stay happy and fresh mentally. I have learned that I am happiest letting my Faith lead me to the start line.

With 30 plates, screws, and rods in my back and almost no meniscus in my left knee, I must train differently in order to get similar success. Some days I don’t know until I wake up what I am able to accomplish and because of that, less structure seems best. I will continue with 60+ miles weeks but will take each day at a time focusing on listening to my body.

In addition to training; I am kicking off my non-profit campaign soon, “Running For A Reason” to raise money for neuro research and treatment, I am working on writing a book about my crazy adventures and overcoming adversity, I am working full time at Sole Sports Running Zone  (love it and everyone I work with) helping and motivating others and sharing what I know and can contribute, and of course training.

I am blessed to be able to do what I am so passionate about and am blessed to have so many supporting me and my passions.

One must take a breath and that is what I have done recently. Fatigue sat me down so I could evaluate what was on the table. This has forced me to take a few days off of training over the last week and simply organize my thoughts and goals. I am crazy excited for what the future holds and look forward to starting to race again in the next 6 weeks.

Listen to your body. Let your body help dictate to your mind. Then go out and achieve the impossible but nothing really is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Have a super week!!!!!


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