What’s up Dr.?

Hi, I have recently been asked by many what supplements I take. Not too many I reply because I hate swallowing pills. As a kid I would cry when I had to swallow a big pill and so Mom would give me peanut butter M&M’s if I agreed to take the vitamins, etc.

Still today I despise having to take big pills and / or too many supplements. So what do I take and recommend.


I take my thyroid medication (due to hypothyroidism).. only take if diagnosed and ordered by a physician

In addition I take Vit.D (4000 IU) and a couple Adult Multi chewy vitamins (yes, kinda like the gummy bears, I’m a kid always at heart)


I take iron (due to anemia in past), Vit. C which helps iron be absorbed, and a probiotic to help in better absorption of nutrients.

In addition I take Ultragen after workouts and use EFS for hydration and electrolytes during workouts. I use Nuun during the day if I feel a bit dehydrated, otherwise just drink water.



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