Focus, Gratitude, and the Secret

I know it has been a long time since I last posted a blog (outside of the most previous video of my most favorite song). Life is good. I feel blessed. The sun shines brightly.

I have been in AZ for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. The sun, the mountains, amazing friends and support system, a great job that I love, and a church I feel blessed at to go to. Some days I honestly have to ask, “is this real”. Sure I miss my amazing friends in WI and everyone at Froedtert Sports Med Institute. greatly but I knew that to go further I needed to make this move to the milder climate surrounded by amazing talented athletes.

Everyone at Endurance Rehab., Barrow Neuro. / Dr. Porter, and Ahwatukee Sports & Spine / Dr. Scott Kreiner, have been so supportive of my endeavors here in AZ and I feel so blessed to have them by my side.

Training is going great. This week I hit the highest mileage in 7+ years and ended today’s 18 miler with fresh legs and much more in the tank. It really feels surreal. To look back at the last 3+ years and see where I am now almost seems impossible. I honestly feel that God has a plan for me and he is the driving force within me. I have decided to be un-coached for the time being, letting my body dictate what is enough and what might be to much. I am very lucky to have so many of the greats to chat with and bounce training ideas off of and feel that at this time, it is the best for me physically and mentally.

So what is next? A couple half marathons this Fall, a marathon in Dec. and Feb., and then play it by ear. The ultimate goal still is 2016. Until then, continue to progress and stay healthy.

I feel I am doing a great job at staying focussed and know deep down just how much it takes. I have really dialed in my nutrition (running 80 mile weeks forces a serious look at nutrition). The only area I feel is lacking is my strength and core work (plan to address that with Endurance Rehab. this week). Then it’s all about focus, determination, dedication, belief, and perseverance. With the team by my side, anything is possible.

So what is the secret ??? It’s faith; I refuse to feel sorry for myself and I hope to inspire others. While I wish more than anything to not have had to deal with the results of the traumatic cycling accident, I feel blessed God has given me the ability to return to my passion and show others that through belief, dreams can come true!

What’s the other secret??? Fruity Pebbles … (keeps me feeling young!)


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