Olympic Tears and Gluten / Dairy Free Nutrition

Wow, seriously… am I the only one that sits here with tears watching these athletes give so much of themselves. Hearing the sacrifices and determination they give each day is really meaningful. So proud of ALL of our Team USA.

On to nutrition. As I spoke to a Mom about her daughter, an athlete, struggling with food intolerances I could hear fear and frustration in her voice. Her daughter, just wanting to fit in like so many of us. I reassured her that it can be done. Food intolerances are very frustrating. They can wreck havoc on our bodies, it can mean the difference between training and not training at all. The effects of food intolerances can cause injury and limit recovery. I really felt for this young athlete as I spoke with her a few hours after speaking with her mom. What did I say? I simply said “I understand”. I spoke to her not as a Coach, Doctor, Therapist… I spoke to her as a friend and someone that is at her level.

At times it can be overwhelming when you see Doctors more than your friends. When everyone seems to talk above you and in language that doesn’t always make sense. They use big words and seem to never want to meet in the middle. They say No but don’t give any alternative options. So I simply spoke to this young athlete as a friend that has been there.

Here are a few ideas for those that want to or have to limit or eliminate dairy and/ or gluten. It can be done. Listed below are my “go to” meals that I eat most days… 5 or 6 options should be enough variety.

1. Smoothie: I use 1 c. almond milk, small frozen banana, frozen berries, scoop of peanut or almond butter
2. Gluten free cereal (Nature’s Path, Fruity Pebbles, Chex) with banana and berries and almond milk
3. Eggs on gluten free toast (I eat Udi’s brand and always toast it) I add avocado to the toast with egg as well to get essential fatty acids
4. Gluten free waffles (Trader Joes are only 1.99 for a box) with whatever on top (agave, maple syrup, or PBJ)
1. PB & J on Udi’s gluten free bread, piece of fruit, raw veggies, and almonds or trail mix
2. Brown rice or rice noodles with 3-4 oz. protein and veggies
3. Quinoa with veggies and piece of fruit
4. Salad with turkey/chicken/edamame/or tofu and veggies, gluten free salad dressing
5. Raw veggies, rice crackers, and hummus
1. .5-1 avocado (made into guacamole), corn tortilla chips, and salsa
2. piece of fruit and almonds
3. if in hurry …. gluten free fruit and nut bar (I like Lara Bars and Kind Bars)
4. popcorn .. I make my own but you could just get microwave Smart Pop
5. Applegate Farm gluten free deli turkey rolled up with some hummus or mustard
6. Smoothie (see breakfast)
1. 3-4 oz. lean protein or veggie burger, 2 cups vegetables, 3/4 c of brown rice/rice noodles/ or quinoa
2. Gluten free pasta with marinara or extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar / veggies and 3 oz. protein
3. Sweet potato or baked potato with veggie stir-fry
4. Trader Joes gluten free dairy free black bean enchiladas (only 1.99 for the meal in the freezer section). I add corn tortilla chips and salsa ..sometimes avocado
1. Bowl of cereal (see breakfast)
2. Edy’s whole fruit bars.. a lot of flavors and gluten and dairy free
3. No sugar added natural applesauce

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