Moving Forward

Time for an update. Things are looking a bit brighter today than they were yesterday. The last couple days have been no lie, TOUGH. I think a combination of lack of sleep (have not slept past 4:45 AM in 3 weeks), the heat has been a bit challenging with most days topping 110+ degrees, and my left achilles really irritated due to the fact that the muscles that evert my foot seem to not be firing. Awesome. Needless to say all that has resulted in a crabby Cristin. (yes, there is such a thing 😉

So last night I simply went to bed at 8 PM. I skipped by bike workout, ate dinner at 6 PM (usually don’t eat till 8 or 9) and just went to bed watching one of my favorite inspiring movies, Soul Surfer. I think I made it through the first 20 minutes before falling fast sleep.

This AM things looked brighter. Good workout and rehab at Endurance Rehab. with Matt and crew. Managed 9 miles on the AlterG at 65-70% bodyweight. And now just chilling out before working tonight at the store.

I feel a bit re-focused after this AM. Matt made the comment with improving my form and mechanics I will no doubt get faster. That made my day. A simple comment that provided hope when I feel tired and frustrated. Thanks Matt!

Focused training has started for the Fall/ Winter race season and I am excited. Rumor has it that it will EVENTUALLY cool down and runs will seem much easier too. On the schedule is a half marathon Oct 6, Women’s Half on Nov. 4, CA International Marathon Dec. 2, Sally’s 5K Dec 8… then re-evaluate and plan rest of winter and spring. I will race through Spring and then take 3 months of lighter training to recovery June-August.

In addition to training I am working on my nutrition. Being a picky eater with a major sweet tooth has its disadvantages. I am really working on creating meals around fruits, veggies, fish, and select gluten free grains (rice, quinoa, potatoes). I am also experimenting with adding back a little dairy (just yogurt and cheese every once in a while). Below is one of the salads I recently made.

Sweet potato, black bean, tomato, and cilantro served over mixed organic greens

I’m excited to train hard and smart with so many guiding me in the right direction. I look forward to improving my running mechanics and getting even stronger which will only preserve my body and allow for greater gains and movement to the established goals.

On my own I will be stretching, foam rolling, ice baths, and making sure to get both adequate sleep and nutrition. All the pieces in the puzzle must exist for success. A friend reminded me of this the other day, “you can only do your best and if it is your best that you do, you have achieved success” Back to the Pre quote “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the Gift”

I want to thank the many that continue to support me physically with rehab and training, and through constant inspiration and positive encouragement. Friends, family, Dr. Porter, Dr. Kreiner, Matt and Endurance Rehab., Mike R. (I miss you), everyone at Sole Sports. You guys are amazing!


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