Confidence and Comparison

I received the sweetest email from a friend recently. It said “wow, you inspire me with your confidence and positive attitude while I sit here wishing I could just be like those I look up to.”

Hmmm, I had to laugh only because what appears on the exterior isn’t always the same as what goes on behind the scenes.

I think each and every one of us at times questions our confidence and searches out to learn more about those we look up to. I will openly admit my confidence is one of my largest challenges and I am forever second guessing myself while searching for a better answer. My lack of confidence has lost me races, limited personal growth, and many times has challenged me as a person.

I have also learned that at times you have to “fake it, to make it”. When least confident, it is most important to search within and find that confidence. It’s ok to compare as long as you never forget who you are. My most frustrating challenge will always remain; I simply can’t compare myself to others for we are not on the same playing ground. I must train differently, must listen to the cues others can sometimes ignore, and must trust in those that are guiding and directing me.

While frustrating, it is also an amazing journey. I am able to do something I once wasn’t able to do. I take each step with confidence knowing that each step brings me closer to finding myself and discovering more to be grateful for.

Confidence waivers with each of us, and that is ok. Comparison is normal and only helps us grow. However, never let comparison ruin your confidence.


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