Linkin Park & Eminem Save The Day

Well, it was Monday. Left lunch on the counter, coffee cup wasn’t nearly big enough, and my body was at war with me today and continues to rebel.

Training this AM at Endurance Rehab in the anti-gravity treadmill took a bit of digging down deep as my upper back was spasming throughout the run. Then Matt worked on it and it seemed better for a little while. Sure enough about 2 hours later I was searching for a little pill of “take me away” …. Not entirely sure what I am dealing with but it’s NOT fun and really painful.

Milled all afternoon what to do about my PM training session. Go to the pool (I would have had to go to the ‘rents house to get my swimsuit…not happening). Get on the bike? That would require filling my tires up … to much work and logistics. The plan said run, so I ran. I had to dig pretty deep tonight and there were moments of wanting to give up… but I remembered where I have come from and that Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Hoping tomorrow improves but will get it checked on Wed. from Dr. Kreiner. He knows me well and I know I can trust him. Until then it’s advil, muscle relaxants, and some cocktail of “could care less” otherwise known as painkillers. 

Gotta remember, it could always be worse and is for some. Gotta stay grateful.


One thought on “Linkin Park & Eminem Save The Day

  1. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” I love it and completely agree. I’m going to remember that next time I’m feeling lazy and want to skip a training session!

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