Re-discovered Passion

Today I re-discovered how much I love the bike. So many mixed feelings about the bike over the last 2 years plus. Two good friends killed, accident after accident where cyclists were hit and sometimes left BUT I read something this week from an old training journal. It said “get back on the bike, remember your roots and never forget your guardian angels”… I thought about it the whole week… thinking.. “Cristin, you have courage to do what others thought never possible, why are you so afraid to get back on the bike?” After many hours of thought I had no good answer. LOL

So this AM I pumped the tires back up on the single speed (only bike I still have) and decided to go for a ride. I wanted to go alone, it was just going to be me testing the waters. It was a BLAST!!!!!

I had so much fun, it felt totally normal, almost like I had never been away from the bike and I smiled the entire way. It was absolutely both exciting and even brought those happy tears knowing who was watching from above and knowing that they saw me smiling ear to ear.

I was shooting for a nice easy 40 mile ride. Well, 20 miles in I hit some metal and it punctured my back tire. Had to call Dad as the tire was shot and I didn’t have what I needed to repair it. Dad came to pick me up (his only comment was “why don’t you ride closer to our house next time” as I was about a 30 min drive from where they live”). He brought me a fresh hot mug of coffee and we laughed all the way back.

While it wasn’t the ride I had planned, in a lot of ways it was more meaningful and I am soon off to the bike shop to get a new tire so that I can be back on the bike in the next day or two.

“We never know where we will be taken on the journey, but life has lots of surprises” … Happy Holiday Weekend!

(pic taken back when I was riding in WI)


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