Why I Love Running

I’ve been working on this post for awhile and today seems like a good day to go “live” LOL.

Running is good for you. Yes, it keeps you fit, healthy, reduces cardiac disease risk, improves blood pressure, strengthens bone density, blah, blah, blah… All of that is great but running provides me and many others so much more.

Running is simple. Put on a good pair of shoes (or not) and go. Put one foot in front of the other and repeat. Go right, or left, on trails, or street. So many simple options. You can go the same way every day or explore new routes and your surroundings. You don’t need extensive equipment and you don’t need fancy clothes. Just run.

Running also builds confidence. Confidence that you can achieve more than you once thought or imagined. I remember as an equestrian I started running to stay in shape. At first, a mile, was an eternal distance thought impossible. I would tell myself, if you can do this you can do anything. Ha… looking back that makes me laugh. Confidence comes and goes and running has many times helped build what was lost.

Running provides stability and control. When life seems a bit out of control, a run will usually put things back together for me. When I seem to be pulled in a few to many directions, a simple run places me back to the center where I am most happy. When I feel I have lost control of what I never had control of or never will, a easy run gives me something to grasp.

Running calms. There are times when fear takes over. Believe it or not, fear is one of my greatest challenges. I sometimes fear that my body won’t be able to accomplish what my mind believes is possible. However, more times than not, it only takes a run to convince it otherwise. I must learn to trust the run and my body and not let fear limit my goals.

Running is what I love about running. You can just go out and be who you are. Running doesn’t hold grudges nor is it prejudice. Anyone I see out there is of equal importance and of equal significance. Whether it is your first run or your hundredth run, we are of equals when out there running.

For me running provides serenity, in a somewhat chaotic life, it provides peace and comfort. Running gives me hope for greater accomplishments in both life and sport. Running provides unconditional friendship and support. Running allows me time to communicate with my Higher Power’s and running provides confidence in that I am able to overcome the inclines ahead. Running is simple, running is fulfilling, and if you can’t figure out an answer while running….well, there might not be one.

Thanks to the sport of running, I am here smiling today. For without running, things might be different. 🙂

PS…. in running you don’t get flat tires either 😉


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