A Day in the life… proud of our groupies

So today is Saturday. Saturdays start at 4:30AM so I can leave a little after 5AM for Sole Sports to lead the group run. While 4:30 is no doubt a tough hour, I feel lucky to love my job and get to watch these runner’s accomplish awesome achievements. Today many of them went 9 miles, the most they have ever run and or walked. So cool to see the tired smiles on their faces as they came after their workouts. So fun to run back and forth and in between them and watch them mature as runners. Just cool on many levels and can’t wait to watch them at their races and events coming up. I am eternally grateful to LOVE every aspect (well, almost 😉 of my job and work with and for the coolest peeps in the industry.

So recently I was asked…

“how’s life, what’s it like there, what are you up to ???

I said, great!…Well it’s pretty cool and the mountains are awesome…I work and train and do rehab and write and am growing the nonprofit for neuro research/treatment & spinal cord disorders. Oh, and leading some awesome group runs. Spending time with family and soon will be back racing. Also want to start finding time or swimming and a little tennis. Oh, and start to do more consulting and coaching cause I love helping others. 

“Well, glad you aren’t to busy and have learned to relax”….

My comment back… wouldn’t want it any other way! If I give half of what other have given me, I will feel blessed. 😉



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