Update and being so grateful!

Hi. It’s been a long time since I last posted and there is a reason. Thursday I was released from the hospital after 10 days of a very scary stay. I was admitted on Monday the 1st with right arm paralysis and a very bad headache. We originally thought it was a result of a herniated disc in my neck. After some testing after the first 12 hours there my team of Dr.’s realized it was not the result of the herniated disc and there was something more serious going on. That lead to lots of tests and procedures (spinal tap, blood tests, scans, MRI’s, etc).

I was surrounded by the very best Doctors and Specialists at Barrow Neuro and St. Joseph’s .. Barrow is world renowned for their Neuro speciality .. I was pretty much stuck in bed with only being able to get up to use the bathroom. I had 5 straight days of high dose IV Solu Medrol and always 5 straight days of plasmapheresis , which is a process of cleaning and purifying the blood. I was on IV pain medication for the entire 10 days for a really bad headache and then given an occipital skull nerve block to see if we could control headaches while my body fought back. They seem to think it was a bad virus that got into my blood and attacked many systems in my body including the peripheral nerve system (explains the right arm paralysis). It was a really scary several days as we were not sure the outcome and had no known schedule other than playing it day by day.

A HUGE thanks to all my friends and family who were by my bed, on the phone, sending messages and prayers, and  especially those here who were by my bed keeping me positive and keeping me feeling so cared about. The support was amazing. Also HUGE thanks to the Doctors and Nurses that took such amazing care of me. So grateful.

I got that occipital nerve block in both sides of my skull and the headaches are very manageable as of today. The actually block hurt more than I can explain in words. My skull is still numb and will be for possibly weeks but each day I get a little more use to the feeling.



Now I am out, it is time to rebuild strength. It is completely amazing how much strength you can lose in just 10 days without really doing anything but laying down. I am thrilled to say that I have pretty much full function back in my right hand and arm. I’m right handed and can’t even explain how tough it was to do everything with my left hand and arm.

So I am just laying low. Took my first “walk” with Dad outside yesterday. We went an easy 30 minutes and it just felt so good to put on running shoes and walk outside in the beautiful sun and breeze. I am super super excited to get back to work around my awesome work family, yes we are like a huge family! I love my job and really missed it. Also will be great to get back to my apartment and back to just some independency … I am back at my place tonight and starting back at work on Monday with shorter days to start. I know we will have to take one day at a time but that is ok.

Also a HUGE thanks to Bret Michaels for coming to visit me in my room the day of his Music Room dedication. It was surreal to have him right by me, I have looked up to Bret for many years as he has always kept such a positive attitude through all adversity. Bret is so sincere and so caring. He is truly a class act and I was so excited to share the day of his Music Room dedication at Barrow. Watch Bret on the Apprentice as he returns and will dominate! Cheering you on Bret in all you do to inspire and help others!!!!

So I will be updating more frequently as I come back from this scary time. This yet teaches even more to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life; as the little things are really the big things in disguise.

Hugs and thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers!



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