A blink of an eye

Well, in a blink of an eye everything can change on many different levels. It was towards the end of Sept., everything was going pretty good. A few headaches, some neck pain, some arm weakness but nothing that scared me to my core. I had been through much much worse. Then Sept 29, my right arm went numb and strength disappeared. By Monday I was admitted to St. Joseph’s/ Barrow Neuro and from that point on my life has been something unknown and very frightening. After multiple tests and procedures it seems I have caught a bad virus (possibly autoimmune) that is attacking my system and peripheral nerve system. I spent a total of 10 days at the hospital on the Neuro floor with 5 days of plasmapheresis and IV solo medrol. A surprise visit from Bret Michaels to my room was exciting and I saw in him the compassion and care as he has fought for his life right here at this hospital not once but twice. Plus had an occipital skull nerve block to control headaches. After some good improvement I was sent home last Thursday.

Sunday I woke up to numb feet, lower legs, fingers, lips, and tongue. Back to the ER and re-admitted for the same. Seems like the virus is continuing to attack me. Back on Neuro in the hospital now. I will most likely be here through Oct. 28/29th at least. They are repeating the plasmapheresis, repeated the IV solu medrol, and will follow plasmapheresis with IVIG infusions (infusions of healthy antibodies) to strengthen my immune system. I am also getting some anti-viral medications and medications to help with the existing headaches.

I have lost much strength and muscle through the month of bed rest so they have brought in a recumbent bike to my room and I started Friday working with a physical therapist at the hospital. So far I am up to short 5-10 min walks and 5-10 min on recumb. bike with little resistance. But it’s a start.

I am eternally grateful for the amazing Neuro team here at Barrow (known as some of the best in the country) and all the others Dr.’s, nurses, etc. I know I am in great hands and being cared for with such compassion.

Another HUGE thanks to so many friends (family, co-workers, etc) that have been by my side and hanging with me here at the hospital. There is no way I could get through this without you guys. You are all amazing and I love you all to pieces.

I won’t lie, I am heartbroken and beyond frustrated that I am missing so much right now. So many fun crazy events, get-2-gethers, work, social runs, coaching my awesome clients, and just living life. It is mind blowing that one’s life can change so quickly. It shows just how much we can take life and the little things for granted.

So just a little something … appreciate EVERYTHING, the good, bad, frustrating, and confusing. Try to find patience. I have called upon my strong Faith for strength, courage, and patience many times a day.

While I ask why? I know I am being protected by God. While I speak out “it’s not fair”. I know God is providing a test. While I argue with him, telling him I don’t need ANY MORE TESTS. He says to me, “you will see one day and grow to be stronger”. I take that and put trust in his hands and my heart. 

I will remain positive knowing that negativity only hinders the healing. I just ask for your continued prayers and thank you for all your prayers in helping me overcome something far more frightening than I thought I would ever face. Hugs to you all. LIVE LOVE LAUGH


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