Great to be back

Just a quick little note saying how great it is to be back from spending most of Oct (22 days) in the hospital. Today was my first day back at Sole Sports  and it’s great to be back at Endurance Rehab were Dave has been working with me daily and things are going great. This will be a tough comeback I know but each day I am feeling a tiny bit stronger. Today I was up to 4 minutes of slow jogging at a time and felt a little stronger doing my strength/core exercises. I am eternally grateful for Endurance Rehab.’s help and the love and support by them and Sole Sports. I feel so lucky to say I LOVE my job and look forward each day to helping others at Sole Sports.

I am super excited for this weekend to see all the amazing women race after getting the opportunity to run with them through group runs since July. These women are READY!!!!!

Also looking at getting some cool stuff started with the blog, web site, and non-profit and eventually the book. All super exciting stuff.

For now I am off to bed. I have physical therapy 5 days a week for the time being which combined with work has me beat by mid afternoon but I know each day will get easier and that is all that matters. Gotta stay positive and not get frustrated. I feel blessed for such amazing friends and great doctors. Hugs.


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