A Wonderful Christmas

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas I have had with family and friends. Yesterday (Christmas Eve) started with a nice long run as the sun was coming up, then off to my amazing job I love, and after that met my parents at the most wonderful church for a great service and message by our Pastors. Back to my parents for some wine and appetizers before a wonderful meal of tossed greens and salmon on garlic mash potatoes with sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, and olives on top and more red wine. So delicious and healthy.

We had some great laughs as we reminisced highs and lows of the year and of course I got teased about a lot. I seem to get that a lot and have learned to take it well. We talked of how fortunate we are to be together. To all be “for the most part” healthy but most important, we are together and together will get through the health issues I continue to fight.

We finished the night with some great java and homemade gluten free cookies and fudge while watching a Christmas movie.

Christmas Day:

I slept to almost 9 AM, a full 3.5-4 hours later than a typical day. It was AMAZING! Then went to the kitchen for coffee just as Dad asked me if I had looked by the door. He said, “looks like Santa left you a little something”. We exchanged smiles and it was true. My original stocking that I had as a baby was at the door and filled. Some things never change. 😉

As a kid it was candy and as I grow older coffee replaces the candy goodness. Plus some great monthly subscriptions to Success and Coastal Living. Maybe Santa is telling me to make time for coffee and reading (relaxing). I will try to take the clue!!!

Then more relaxing with some running magazines and much more coffee. On to a beautifully prepared Norwegian brunch of smoked salmon, capers, hard boiled eggs, and red onion with cream cheese and gluten free crackers. Lefse was replaced with gluten free waffles with berries and whipped cream. Dad even made me a bloody mary to top things off.


Then presents. Still one of my favorite parts but now not because of the stuff, because of the traditions, memories, and times laughing together. But way cool cause it looks like I was a good girl this year, lots of very thoughtful gifts were given to each of us. Yes, I still play the piano. 😉

Then more time relaxing and watching The Christmas Story on TV while Mom made a handed down recipe of home made fudge in honor of Grandma. When she is done, I get to lick the pan using a spatula. Pretty cool deal as Dad has to stir but gets what I can’t finish.

Finished off the day by heading back home and heading out for a good 40 minute easy run as the sun set behind the mountains. I am a lucky girl.

…. tomorrow starts round 1 of IVIG antibody infusions. I will get a 5 hour infusion tomorrow in hopes it can help maintain some immune system function. Most likely this will be something I have to do for the rest of my life, but a small price to pay for the ability to stay out of the hospital and live my super fun and rewarding life. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes ok.

Much gratitude to all my friends and family, you have been with me in my heart and will continue to be. HUGS



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