Happy 2013!!!! Ready for the greatest year ever!!!!

Hi guys, I can’t even put into words how excited I am for 2013 and beyond. While 2012 had some major challenges, it also is where I made some wonderful major decisions… Everything happens for a reason and that holds true.

The biggest change was a move from WI to AZ. A move I was terrified to make yet there was this special calling that I felt that told me to go. It could not have been more on target! I absolutely LOVE AZ and all it has to offer. I work for without doubt the greatest running store and with the greatest “family” in the world. We are much like family at Sole Sports, I couldn’t be happier and absolutely LOVE my job.

In addition there are the almost constant days of sun and beautiful trails to run on. The insane amount of amazing restaurants and places to go and hang out. The crazy amount of friends and support from my friends here. Mom and Dad only 15-20 minutes away and the special times we share together. The top of the class doctors and medical care I continue to receive, the opportunities ahead and the epic times I have experienced already here.


2012 was a year of discovery. I discovered more about myself than I at times was ready for. I discovered I had the courage to move outside my comfort zone, I discovered some health issues (that at times were frightening beyond comprehension), I discovered great friends at their strength and support, I discovered I had more courage than I thought, and I discovered that …. wait…wait… “I am not invincible after all”. I don’t have super powers and Mother Nature is not easily defeated.

It is now diagnosed by a number of Dr.’s that I have a condition called “Common Variable Immune Deficiency” known as CVID and an Adrenal Insufficiency condition where my adrenal system is not working to well… it will require 5-7 hour infusions of antibodies every 3 weeks for the next several years+ . It is treatable and the Dr.’s seem to have a plan. I can continue my passions but have been told, “I’m not on even playing grounds and need to take some precautions, some lifestyle changes including more sleep and meds”. But it can always be worse and I am so grateful it is not. I spent 23 days in the hospital this Oct. and I want no more than NEVER to be a patient there again. I was treated great but 23 days in a hospital bed really sucks!!!!


So just a month after I am here… hiking and trail running. Ever so grateful and ready for the most amazing year yet.


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