Taking Little Things For Granted

Last Wednesday a miss step on the trails ended in a fractured ankle and grade 3 sprain to the ligaments. Finishing up on a run I was cooling down and stepped wrong on my right foot, resulting in the ankle rolling and going down with it completely inverted and the outside ankle bone making contact with the ground, leg buckled and I knew it was not good. To put it into context, it felt like a bomb went off in it.


I tried to remain optimistic thinking it was just mildly sprained and would get better as the day went on. Not so. Within 2 hours, it was swollen, throbbing, piercing and I could barely put weight on it. I showered and headed to work with ice wrapped around it but once I got to work, was sent straight to Endurance Rehab. for therapy and to get it evaluated. Dave at Endurance worked me in (so grateful). We got it in the compression therapy boot w/e-stim and then flushed out and taped up to immobilize it until morning. It was a long night with little sleep and intense pain.

The next AM, I headed back in for therapy, saw Dr. Stanley Graves (one of the best foot and ankle specialists) and was sent for an MRI. Results showed avulsion fracture and grade 3 sprain to the ligaments. I am now boot bound for the time being, getting therapy 3 days a week at Endurance Rehab, and doing all the little things I can to allow this to heal as quickly and effectively as possibly.

What I learned is that we can take things for granted so easily. We can feel invincible and sometimes maybe don’t make the most logical decisions. Where I know I am safe running on the roads, I know the trails are a challenge due to some ankle instability issues I’ve had as a result of the spinal injuries I sustained in the cycling accident. I have never turned an ankle on the roads and need to realize my limitations. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a scare and slap in the face to see the “picture of logic and reality”.


Moving forward when given Dr. approval, I will be staying on level terrain and concentrating on getting faster and running on the road scene.

In the meantime I will focus on what I can do, other things that make me happy and motivate me to be my best, and giving back to others. I am continuing to work on my book and some exciting new avenues with Ultimate Stamina Consulting. I am eternally grateful for my Sole Sports family and working for the greatest running store in the country, and continuing to work on my non-profit raising $ for the Barrow Foundation supporting neuro research and spinal cord injury treatment.

With PF Changs Marathon and Half coming up this weekend, I will be at the Expo on Fri and Sat. and excited to see many friends racing on Sunday. Lots of hard work will pay off for them and I hope all have a great day out there, enjoying every step of the journey.

I’m hoping to get in the pool and on the bike in the next couple weeks and in the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill soon.

I have an IVIG antibody infusion tomorrow (I get one every 3 weeks) and I do feel I am getting stronger and healthier each week, so very grateful. 🙂

With courage, strength, faith, perseverance and determination… you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!!!!




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