Missing You Jeff

Another re-post. I get daily inspiration from Jeff and all the lessons he taught me. I miss you Jeff and know you are the reason I find the strength to keep fighting forward.


10/10/2010 – A Poem for Jeff — (written by me)

Bright yellow shoes
Greeting with smiles
Kitten to tiger tattoos
Legs that can take the miles
Rock on my friend
Ride into the wind
Your strength my guiding light
You are now watching from greater heights
Race for the stars
Don’t stop in the clouds
Lungs screaming, legs burning
It’s Jeffy here, the wind is now turning
The wind is your friend
I’m now on the mend
Toward your dreams I will send
From now every journey I will attend
Rock on dear friend
It’s Littmann,
and time to go for the win.


10/6/2010 – R.I.P. Jeffy

While out training this AM, I couldn’t help to see the movie in my mind of all the ways Jeff touched my life.
14 years ago I walked into his club in Grafton. I was just a horseback rider, burned out of competition and struggling to find myself. As I walked in the doors I saw Jeff. Huge smile, tight spandex skin suit, and neon yellow shoes. Yes, I had a moment of second thoughts, but I took the chance.

I told Jeff I was lost. Burned out of horses, struggling to maintain my health, and unsure of what direction I wanted to go. He smiled and said, “no worries”. I joined as a member, Jeff was my trainer, and before long I was on a spin bike taking one of his classes. Every time I worked with Jeff, I felt like someone special. He was patient, motivating, had a way of making me feel important.

Weeks later I started to work for Jeff. He taught me what being a personal trainer was all about; making people feel important. Jeff became my coach, I became his student. He guided my every step and I listened and absorbed his knowledge. Jeff’s smile was contagious even when I was working so hard and/or so frustrated I couldn’t speak. He would just smile and that smile gave me the strength and determination to get the job done.

Soon I was teaching the spin classes he once taught. Helping members better their health and motivating them in the same way Jeff motivated and inspired me. Jeff would frequently tell me, “stay with it, you are good at this”. I worked for Jeff for close to 6 years. Jeff introduced me to what I am today, a personal trainer but on top of that. I strive to be the person he was to me; a motivator, an inspiration, and someone with compassion beyond words.

As time progressed Jeff introduced me to endurance training (cycling). Jeff built my first bike and was possibly just as excited about it as I was. It was red and white. Jeff encouraged every mile that I covered, he would work with me weekly on strength, and answered every question I asked. Jeff’s AM phone calls at the club’s each morning made my day. Hearing his voice and encouragement for a successful day reminded me of his determination and dedication to his lifestyle. No person worked with more determination.

In 2000 when I was hit by a car cycling, Jeff was there to visit. I will never forget him telling me, standing next to the hospital bed, “you gotta get back on the bike”. Jeff never let adversity dictate his dreams. He taught me perseverance! A lesson I have used and helped others utilize because of what Jeff taught me.

Because of Jeff, I found what I was created to do; motivate, inspire, educate, and help others enhance their health and fitness. All that starting at a place called Wisconsin Health and Fitness Center during a time in life where I was a lost individual but found by a special person.

Jeff now rides his bike among the clouds with skin suit and bright yellow shoes, and the “Jeff smile” that was always there to greet and inspire me is seen just beyond the sun! Jeff is now in the hands of the Lord, forever safe riding his bike. Love you and miss you Jeff!


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