CEP Compression Socks, Worth Every Penny!!!

CEP Compression Socks

You see compression socks much more now than you did a few years ago and I can honestly say from personal experience that they work. So what do they do?

“CEP compression sportsocks are the first truly functional compression sport socks with a patented pressure flow technology that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. In addition to blister prevention, CEP socks provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever.”


CEP O2 Running compression socks features 18-25 mmHg compression. These socks have been scientifically proven to maximize muscle oxygenation which will increase energy, allowing you to run with less effort, decrease recovery time, and reduce fatigue to optimize performance.

Before, during, after:
• Before training use for muscle activation and muscle warmth
• During training use for increased oxygenation, decreased chance of muscle strain, and optimal performance
• After training use to speed up and shorten the recovery process

Some other benefits to these socks I find helpful include the Achilles heel support which provides added support and stability of the Achilles tendon and provides some protection to irritable areas around the Achilles. CEP socks also come with anatomically shaped inline seams. Yes, that means a right and a left model. No worries they have on them “R” and “L” so not to get confused. This allows the socks to adjust to the anatomy of the foot.

CellTex® Fiber Finishing – use of non chemical additives which means pure comfort, climate regulation, no chafing, and absolutely NO blisters.
iPS Integrated Power System – defined compression with scientifically patented pressure profile improves blood circulation.
Sizing – measure the circumference of the fullest part of the calf
Material – 85% polyamid, 15% elasthan

CEP Compression Socks are an important tool to my recovery box. I have used these for months for recovery, sometimes sleeping in them and other times just putting them on after hard days of training. I feel the benefits while running and training in them especially on those days when the legs are tired and sore or during intense workouts. I highly recommend this product to any serious athlete or any individual that deals with cramping or leg soreness.

You can find multiple colors and get fitted for the CEP socks and sleeves at any Sole Sports Running Store … Come in to get yours today.


One thought on “CEP Compression Socks, Worth Every Penny!!!

  1. I’ve been wearing them for a long time, the science behind compression has been around for years, why it took us this long to place them into mainstream athletics is beyond me. For over a year I have been the goofy guy running around Vancouver in long socks, fellow runners have always looked at them, knowing what they were, but still curious.

    I am a believer.

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