Do Dr.’s Know Best?

This is a question I am asking myself a lot lately. With our health care system better known as “broken” and the recent medical issues I have faced, I am both frustrated and extremely confused on whom to listen to and believe.

To make a super long and scary story short… I contracted a virus in Oct that attacked my peripheral nervous system and brain. Temporary paralysis of arm, then numbness and lack of sensation in feet and legs, bad headaches, etc. I spent most of Oct. in the hospital where it was also discovered I had some immune and adrenal system issues. We discovered via blood tests that my body doesn’t make the needed antibodies to fight infections and my adrenal system doesn’t work to well.

Dr.’s told me I would need immunoglobulin antibody infusions every 21 days to give my body the antibodies it doesn’t make to fight infections and strengthen my immune system. Since then every 21 days I go and get an IV put in and antibodies … every time I feel like shit for 2-3 days. They say a common reaction.

The third time (a week ago yesterday) I had an infusion. I felt sick all week and by Fri, a friend took me to the ER. I had tests run, a spinal tap done, a CT scan on my brain, etc. The spinal tap revealed aseptic meningitis (a reaction from  the antibody infusion). And an explanation for the insane headache, nauseousness, stiff neck, and tiredness. I spent Fri. through Sunday at the hospital (Mayo Clinic) on IV anti-virals and antibiotics (just to play it safe according to the Dr.’s) plus morphine and IV fluids. I come to find out from the Neuro at Mayo, that it might not have been necessary after all to have the antibody infusions and those infusions in particular are extremely hard on the body especially someone who has adrenal system issues. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. Here we are paying close to a grand for each infusion and come to find out that there might have been an easier less invasive and less expensive way. What was suppose to make me healthier gave me meningitis. And let me tell you aseptic meningitis is brutal and painful.

So what to do? Well I am taking some charge with advice from those I TRUST in the medical field. I am going to attempt to deal with the immune system and adrenal issues through nutrition and non pharmaceuticals … I will take a multi-vitamin and other vitamins with no potential side effects, I will get more sleep, work on staying properly hydrated and hope to be able to add some super food smoothies and juices into my daily nutrition.

It is when ultimate frustration occurs that you have to take charge, trust your Higher Power, believe that you know yourself better than anyone, and live each day trying to better yourself and inspire others. So here’s to moving forward with fast feet and ultimate stamina.


One thought on “Do Dr.’s Know Best?

  1. Stay strong, and this has now become a dynamic part of you as an individual.
    What you learned and continue to learn will be a blessing to other going through the difficult times of their own lives.
    You are going to survive this because you were called to do great things.

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