Update from hospital room

A little update:

I have been in the hospital at Barrow Neuro / St. Joseph’s since Monday of this week. A case of meningitis about 2 weeks ago lead into a central nervous system issue that landed me here on Monday with bad headaches and leg weakness. I say I am scared is a bit of an understatement but I am getting amazing care from everyone and have had tons of visitors and thoughts/prayers.


Currently they are doing a procedure called plasmapheresis (kinda like cleaning of the blood) where I have a central line in and 2 lines hooked up. Blood goes out of my body from one line, is stripped of the plasma, and then back in through the other line. I am on day 4 of this and not sure how many more days. Also have some chest tightness issues and low heart rate (30’s and low 40″s) so they did an EKG today and we are waiting for cardiologist to consult. It’s very scarey how much can change in just a week as I was active, working, and playing last week and now in a hospital stuck in bed. Gotta keep the faith in the Dr.’s but it’s hard when there are no def. answers yet (more tests will be back the first of the week). I’m def. learning patience.

They have me on a “cocktail” of headache meds, morphine, high dose anti inflammatories, and a few other things. Nothing seems to be working great but taking the edge off a little.

I am for sure catching up on home design ideas watching HGTV a lot and watching occasional SurfNetwork and Netflix .They did bring a commercial quality recumbent bike up to my room for me to use a couple times a day since I can’t do much walking at this point. Hopefully to maintain some level of strength.

The hospital food is horrible (seriously, how can you mess up frozen GF waffles, they can) BUT so many have brought me all my favorite goodies… even fruit puree baby food to make me feel like I am home and in my surroundings (yes, I eat that stuff while training, works great!) Thanks to EVERYONE.

I will keep you all posted. I am praying for the best and praying to get out of here as soon as I can. I so love my life here in AZ; working, playing, training, all my crazy cool friends, etc. To many exciting things to be part of and being in the hospital is so NOT one of them.

Hugs to you all.



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