OK with just chilling out.

Well I have now been out of the hospital for about 48 hours. 13 long days at Barrows/ St. Joe’s and I am feeling somewhat human (only somewhat though).

I started back at Endurance Rehab. this AM with my PT Dave and it went well. I was totally amazed how I had very little strength and felt overall weak (legs felt a bit like jello) but we took it easy and it ended as a great session. We will build on that and I will be there 3 x week regaining strength and stamina. So grateful for everyone at Endurance Rehab. and it was great to see everyone today.


Outside of PT this week is going to be quiet. I am still dealing with a headache (tolerable with meds but that isn’t the goal). When not at PT I have so far just been relaxing on the couch, sleeping a bit, watching some mindless television, and hopefully will be able to get to some quiet computer/paperwork later in the week. I am to follow-up with the Neurologist and the NeuroMuscular Specialist at Barrow in the next 1-2 weeks.

For the first time in memory I am completely OK taking a week or so as down time, just to build the body back up, to try to get these headaches under control and to regain a “normal” active life.

I am super excited to be honored at the Sun’s game on Wed. night with my Neurosurgeon Dr. Porter … I am so eternally grateful for all the amazing care I have received and the support of everyone.




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