With Perseverance, One Day at a Time

So many have been emailing, texting, and asking on my progress. With a heavy heart I wish like always I could say, it’s all good and I am back. But I am staying optimistic and taking one day at a time.

Yesterday we tried an occipital nerve block. It is were an injection goes into the base of your skull and if the headaches are caused in that region it can reduce the intensity and frequency. The numbing meds have worn off and it will take the meds approx. 5 days to start workings. Fingers crossed.

I am sleeping roughly 8 hours a night and then needing to sleep an additional 3-4+ hours each day … most likely a combination of the neuro / auto-immune disorder and the left over effects of the meningitis. While prior to Oct of 2012, I was able to sleep 6-7 hours, run 8-10 miles, work 8+ hours a day, and still have time to work on coaching and writing a book and my non-profit…all of this has been put on hold. Words can’t describe the frustration but again I know how tough I am and how I can take it one day at a time, my Faith is what is getting me through this, along with friends and family.

I have started half days back at work. At this point the doctors want me there no more than a few hours. We will keep it to 3-4 hours for the next week in hopes that it will be able to increase as the headaches decrease and my energy increases.

I have been going to physical therapy since I left the hospital, running in the anti-gravity treadmill at at % of my body weight and working with the best crew on the planet. They are keeping me focused and that is what I need right now, a reason to keep moving forward.

It’s hard to explain to a person what it’s like living 4-5 days a week with a bad headache / migraine and feeling exhausted despite many hours of sleep. It’s tough, it’s scary, it’s in a way like your life is going by you and you are simply a spectator. But I will not give up on my dreams of being the best person I can be and inspiring those around me. Hugs and Thanks


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