Pulmonary Embolisms …. Seriously???

Well, in a lot of ways the nightmare seems to continue but I am blessed that this was caught. The Dr. claimed I was a ticking time bomb for a stroke. It was discovered on April 16th that I have multiple large blood clots in both lungs (bilateral pulmonary embolisms). There was a medication interaction that caused me to be taken to Mayo via ambulance which lead to multiple tests including a CT scan of my lungs. This was shocking and scary. Unbelievable as I ran the Boston Marathon a year ago almost to the day but since then it seems I have had a multitude of health issues mostly headaches and neurological issues.

The Dr.’s at Mayo seem to think the clots have been there for awhile due their size and magnitude and could be a huge contributing factor to the headaches as I am not getting enough oxygen to my brain and lungs. I am on blood thinners and seeing Dr.’s to get my blood checked every 3-4 days currently and will be seeing them frequently as they have termed this “high risk” and “red flagged”.

I won’t lie, I am SCARED. I thought I was scared with all the back issues and I was, but when a Dr. looks at you as says this is a life threatening issue and you are one lucky girl that this was caught. Life gets put into perspective again like no other. This whole experience is surreal. I kinda feel like I am watching a movie (nightmare) of my life from the outside. Yet I have the feelings of fear. But I will remain courageous and optimistic. I will too get through this and come out on the other side stronger.

Serena Williams (the tennis player) went through the same thing (blood clots in the lungs) and she also was told she might not make it… she is back playing tennis at a competitive level. So that  goes to show. It is possible. It will be a process but I have a team of great Dr.’s that are on top of this and the support of so many amazing friends and my Faith.

This To Shall Pass & One Day At A Time … are 2 phrases that are helping me get through the fear. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!!!


2 thoughts on “Pulmonary Embolisms …. Seriously???

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your recent experiences, but it sounds like you have the positive attitude necessary to make it through this.

    I am interested in the interaction between your PE and migraines. My migraines worsened greatly when my DVT/PE started. I went from 3 to 4 migraine days a month to 12 – 16 days. This continued for 5 months. Amazingly, when I went to the gym 5 months later, and started to workout daily, the migraines came to almost a complete stop. I now take my migraine medicine only 1 or 2 times a month consistently since November. Hopefully you will see improvement as your lungs heal and you start to rehab them.

    Take care and stay strong!

  2. I had fast moving bilat PEs in Nov after ankle surgery. These things are scary, close call for me. Once on blood thinners, you are out of high danger, and over time your risk comes back to baseline. You will be OK. Just make sure you monitor INR (for warfarin) and be careful with vit K foods. Going to follow your blog, best of luck.

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