More shots and higher doses of meds

I have always promised to be 100% honest and have always been on this blog and will always be. I won’t sugar coat my feelings so here you go. I am scared.

Another Dr. appointment today at Mayo revealed that the current dosage of blood thinners are not thinning my blood appropriately so on higher dosage of blood thinners and continuing the 2 x daily Lovenox shots.

I am not really good at talking about being scared, I am a lot better at being optimistic and positive, I am much more comfortable with a smile. Lately though that has been hard but it’s still there. I am repeatedly told but many, “you are lucky to be here”.  That sounds surreal to me. How can this and that be possible? I have so many questions and many at this point can’t be answered.

The future will include tests to try to find out why once I am on the blood thinners a bit longer. I will continue to take one day at a time cause right now that is all I can do.


It was AWESOME to be back at work today at Sole Sports and around my work family, such a great group of amazing friends.

I have another Dr. appt. on Thursday at Mayo to monitor blood levels again and see where clotting indicators are. I just hope I can help others see that you CAN’T take ANYTHING for granted. Here I am, a distance runner and was diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs one year after running the Boston Marathon. I ran 2 days before being diagnosed and thought the chest pains and shortness of breath had to be stress and side effects of headache meds. PLEASE, listen to your body.

I will continue with daily walks until I get the ok to add some easy running into the equation and might hop on the single speed when the timing feels right. As of today I am still getting chest pain and shortness of breath with normal daily activity which the Dr. says is normal with the size of the clots and claims it will be a long frustrating process but I am alive and that is what matters. So with perseverance and courage I will continue to put one foot in front of the other. Forward progress. 😉



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