Babysteps and forward progress

Hey guys, a little update. Some good news yesterday when I got my INR checked (a blood clotting factor) and it was within a more appropriate range. So back on Monday (yes in 3 days) to have it checked again. But for the next 3 days I don’t have to give myself 2 x day shots and will just be on daily blood thinners orally. So progress.

Also on Tuesday night spent several hours in the ER (a little scare with coughing up blood and chest pain) but the good news is that they did another CT scan of my lungs and it showed the clots are starting to dissolve. More good news.


As for activity I have walked every day this week and incorporated some :30-:90 jogs into each of the walks. Each day gets a little easier I think and today legs were a little tired. Yesterday I started back at Endurance Rehab with some stretching and will start doing some core and strength work this coming week. It will be a process but I feel ready and with the support of Endurance, friends, and coaches…. I will come back stronger.

It’s weird that it is as much mental right now as physical. Being able to trust the body and not being afraid. Being able to trust the Dr. when he says it’s ok to run. I want to run as much as anyone knows but every time I do I am just a little bit scared, especially when I feel that chest tightness (which Dr. says is to be expected and is normal for now). It’s about learning to trust my body. Not something easy to do after what has happened. But hopefully it will get easier.

HOWEVER, I am excited for what the future holds. What will I be blogging about 3 months from now, 6 months from now, a year, or 2? Who knows… I hope to be back training and racing. Being more active in the running events and traveling a bit more too. I hope that the book is continuing it’s journey and moving closer to being published. I hope to be doing a bit more motivational speaking and inspiring others, and helping other athletes accomplish their goals and dreams.

In the meantime I will continue to live each day to the fullest, being grateful for what I do have and searching for the perfect wave in the vast ocean of life. 😉



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