Live Your Life

I rarely show frustration towards others on this blog. I try to keep that to myself. But today I am frustrated towards people who seem to think they understand circumstances that they are for the most part clueless about.

Not just in my life (but yes is mine as well) it seems that others have it figured out and are not opposed to expressing their opinions both in front of and behind the back of those in question. I have seen this over and over, and it frustrates me.


In addition, those that make judgements are often so completely uninformed of the entire situation that it simply makes things so much worse and so much more painful in the long run.

I firmly believe in the fact that we must live our life to be who we are and love what we do. We must to be kind to others and always a friend to those that are supporting of us and caring for us. We must try to trust those that are there during the scariest of times and during times of joy.

My entire life I have lived to worry about pleasing others, trusting others, and doing what I felt was best for others. As I get older and deal with adversity I am learning a bit more about living life and the emotions that go with it. Happiness, courage, determination, perseverance, and anger. This past 6 months has been pretty crazy and the next 6 months will be about enjoying the journey back …. living life just the way I WANT TO. LIVING each day to the fullest; with friends, socializing with friends, running, biking, swimming, eating sushi, drinking java, sipping wine on the patio, reading out in the AZ sun by the pool, etc…

I’m done living for others and it’s time to live for my Higher Power and for myself. It’s MY life and no one get’s to take that away from me, it’s been way to hard of a fight and I am not willing to let anyone get in the way of my dreams and goals.


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