Smoothie time, it’s the little things!

I will start with what has put a bright smile on my face, a homemade smoothie with berries, pineapple, banana and almond milk. So yummy. Something I could drink every morning for breakfast with much pleasure and contentment. Healthy and delicious, nutritious, and refreshing.

The last 2 mornings I feel I have taken a few steps back in the health department. I have had several Dr appt’s this week, have felt to weak to do any training or exercise the last couple days and it has been a struggle to even to get out of bed in the AM’s. Yesterday the Dr.’s discovered 3 superficial blood clots in my arms and some swollen lymph nodes/ glands that they had CT scanned. Results to come. These 3 blood clots result even though I am on Coumadin (a blood thinner) which causes the Dr. worry as that should not happen.

I am only so honest and public about all this because I want my friends to LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES. I probably have over the years done a pretty good job of not listening so well and just “sucking up the aches, pains, etc”…

Right now I am frustrated as I felt I was slowly moving forward last week and things were progressing (maybe a little to well). But the Dr.’s told me it would be frustrating and not without setbacks along the way as this was a huge medical setback and we still have a long road of testing to get to the bottom of it.

I so wish I had the energy to go out and train today but instead I blog and will work on my book. It’s getting closer. 😉


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