Life is Complicated

Life is complicated but I am tough and I will not let that said life get in my way of accomplishing my goals and dreams of being the best me I can be and inspiring others.

But we can say the last few days have been emotional and challenging. Sometimes life throws you challenges that cause you to really dig deep and search for what really is important, what your true calling is, what you were meant to do here on earth, and listening for what will challenge you and fullfil you. We are also continually faced with discovering whom we can trust and whom we are used by. Whom we are appreciated by and whom we are betrayed by.

I have always said it is animals that we can always trust. For they have a special unconditional love. For the first time in my life, I don’t have a pet. I know that sounds crazy coming from someone that at one time had horses, cats, dogs, etc. It is a time like this that a pet would be appreciated. But it is also a time like this that without a pet, I turn to family and friends. I am grateful that I have had good conversation with my parents over the last few days and I am headed to Wisconsin next week to spend 6 days with my best friend. This vacation could not come at a better time.

The last 6 months have been a challenge. I have been faced with the reality of medical uncertainty and the fear of pulmonary embolisms. Thankfully they are breaking up and I am recovering, however we still don’t have many answers. In addition, a lesson I have learned to keenly in the last 48 hours is not to be to quick to trust someone whom you think is a friend. I will leave you with a vague but important lesson that I hope you can learn and remember; it’s ok to put up a protective barrier of sorts when it protects your heart from being hurt.

I have overcome much adversity, and like the comebacks of the past; this comeback will be great with success and advancement!

God's Blessings


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