Brooks Ghost 6

This morning I had the opportunity to run in the new Brooks Ghost 6. I was excited to try these new shoes as they are a new addition to my stable of training shoes thanks to Brooks. 

Brooks Ghost 6

I was blown away by how much I loved these shoes! I loved absolutely everything about them, and those that know me know that I am VERY picky about my training shoes and can easily find improvements and constructive criticism to give back to the sales reps and shoe designers. But after a easy 5 mile run in the Brooks Ghost 6, I had nothing negative and only a rave review to post. So here it is…

The upper: The upper material and fit of the shoe is right on. The upper is soft without any restricting overlays causing rubbing or pressure points. The material is forgiving and very breathable. I hardly noticed the upper, and in 90+ degree weather on a hot AZ morning, that was appreciated. The tongue was also nicely padded without feeling bulky and without being obtrusive. 

The ride: The ride of the Ghost was unbelievable smooth. There was no dropping off during the gait cycle and my stride felt fluid, as if the Ghost helped me adopt an efficient natural and efficient running posture. 

I am a runner that does not need any stability in a running shoe, and I feel the Ghost 6 might be one of the best neutral running shoes currently on the market. If you are looking for a light, extremely well cushioned, comfortably running shoe…. look no further. The Brooks Ghost 6 !



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