Time Management or More Hours in the Day

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Why is it that I NEVER seem to have enough time? I am stretching in the shower after a run, eating breakfast on the way to work, mentally writing my “to do” list while driving, answering emails standing in line at Starbucks, and as the day ends after work I sit down to answer more emails, return calls, and start on the “all the other projects that I have thought would be cool to begin”… ways to help, inspire, build a business.


Then there are those like my Dad, who I really look up to. He wakes up and spends time writing his daily goals and what motivates him in his success journal, enjoys a cup of coffee, and emails Mom and I a daily devotion. How cool is that? I am seriously lucky if I remember to throw some form of nourishment in my bag for after 2 hours of PT and training  before I fly out of the house at 5:30/6 AM.

Dad has the same hours in his day as I do.

I too have a success journal. However where his is full of quotes, devotions, and goals. Mine is empty as it is stored in my head and yet it stares at me on the table with a blank stare of confusion and abandonment.

While out Friday night with a friend we talked about this. He (also an athlete) agreed, “wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee, lay around with a book or magazine, talk and relax, not feel rushed and be regimented to the minute?” We both agreed it would reduce the stress levels and the chronic sleep deprived states we exist in most of the time.

However, I got to thinking about it more today. Yes, I would love nothing more than to sleep past 4:45 AM any morning of the week. I got to sleep till 6:00AM on Sunday and honestly that was sleeping in. I would pay money to be able to just lay around and drink coffee and read a book in the AM with nothing to do but relax. BUT…. I would NEVER give up what I have the ability to do. To be able to run, to bike, to swim, to play tennis, to play in the ocean, to have the use of my legs and be healthy enough to play and be active. To have the ability to be competitive and to inspire others in sport and to enjoy every moment of it !!!!

So yes, it is how we use our time. We all have the same hours in the day. We are not going to be granted any more, we have the ability to use them how we choose to. We are all unique and special. Use your hours in a way that makes you the happiest because at the end of your life what matters is that you lived each day to the fullest; happy, healthy, and inspiring others!

On my front I will continue looking for a little more balance. Maybe a little less stretching in the shower, a little more coffee time at the table, maybe some writing in that journal but not giving less of myself in training and utilizing my gifts of running, cycling, etc.

We all have gifts, don’t be afraid to use them!!!


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