Relentless Forward Progress

Wow, where does the time go? It’s been a couple weeks since I have written a blog, life as been crazy. A lot of exciting things in the makings and sometimes I wonder if my head is screwed on straight half the time. Just the other day I searched for my sunglasses for 30 minutes only to finally look in the mirror and realize they were on top of my head. At that point all I could do was laugh. …. (2 shoes mis-matched, variety is good) LOL, j/k


Tonight I taught a stretching clinic to a great group at Sole Sports in Glendale. What troopers as they went through the exercises despite 100+ degree temps. I think they were surprised that flexibility work can really blend in strength and balance as well. More bonus for the buck 😉

I had a great talk with the Barrow Foundation this week. A couple new events in the making for the non profit. Exciting. So a special cause close to my heart. If interested in donating to spinal cord and neurological research and treatment at Barrows (click here). Whether a dollar or more, every penny helps and can change lives! Please help if you can.

I am also on board with the best all natural non-toxic nutritional company in the world. Their products are helping me realize my full potential without putting anything toxic in my body. Their plant based gluten free lactose free meal replacement shake is a lifesaver, among so many of their other products. I couldn’t be happier and so look forward to getting all my friends and family introduced to these products as well. WITHOUT YOUR HEALTH YOU HAVE NOTHING! For more info on Isagenix check out my site here  or the Isagenix website. Any questions shoot me an email at

I am also so excited for what the future holds in many different areas; professionally and in sport. With FAITH, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE, AND DETERMINATION… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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