I know it has now been about a week since I have returned and I miss California already. Vacation in Newport Beach was wonderful!!! We were there for 9 days … a great family vacation that was filled with family time, relaxation, time enjoying the beauty of the ocean, and some wonderful food and shopping. I can honestly say I did not do one single workout the entire vacation. Partly because I can’t due to my neck. But I was truly in “vacation mode” . Mornings were spent drinking java and reading on the balcony looking out over pelican hill golf course and the ocean.


We went to the Farmers Market in Corona Del Mar, Fashion Island, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Balboa Island, etc.

We sat by the saltwater pool, would LOVE to have a saltwater pool someday!

Some of my favorite parts of the vacation were the walks along the ocean, so simple and special. The talks and moments shared with family. Time that will always be remembered and never can be taken. I am grateful for very loving and supportive parents that are standing behind me through thick and thin today. Very very grateful.

Another very cool thing about CA was just people watching. People seem very relaxed and chill in CA. especially by the beach and ocean. Comfortable in their own skin. Now there will always be those that are not and those that are. But it was fun to see the vibe of those that are… and the locals. Beach cruisers, surf boards, longboards, etc. A lifestyle that I could get use too. I also loved that there were so many healthy and vegan/vegetarian restaurants, a obvious attention to health and nutrition. Very cool!!!!


It was a great distraction to be in CA for 9 days and I was finally able to relax and chill after the first day or so. I realized just how much I needed this vacation. So many had been telling me that I needed this vacation, yes now I agree.

We were not sure when we left when surgery on my neck would be. We got the call while there and it is Nov. 4. I will be having brachial plexus decompression and cervical rib resection/removal. Dr. Theodore at Barrow Neurological Institute will lead the surgery. Nov. 4 can’t be here fast enough as the daily pain, compression on the nerves/artery and inability to train and workout is frustrating.

Faith makes us strong when we fight to find hope! Everything is possible with Faith and time!

I plan to try to keep the blog updated a little more frequently !!! Stay tuned for some exciting guest bloggers including a World Class Runner and Author in the near future !


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