25 Random Things About Cristin

25 Randoms


1. I love the ocean

2. Reese PB cup the night before a race and oatmeal w/applesauce the morning of are a must

3. I rode horses growing up and especially love thoroughbred racehorses

4. Running has taught me courage to overcome adversity

5. My family is small in numbers but large in love

6. I name my bikes

7. I love sushi but am picky with what sushi I eat

8. I own on average of 20-24 pairs of running shoes currently … I don’t see a problem 😉

9. I am writing a book

10. My Grandpa Don inspired me to work hard and always give back when and where you can

11. Someday I will own a weimaraner

12. Faith plays a huge role in every part of my life

13. I hate wearing shoes and socks

14. I’m an Apple / Mac girl , will never go back to PC’s

15. I really look up to athletes Rich Roll, Ryan Hall, and Chrissie Wellington

16. No place I am happier than when I am running or riding my bike

17. Chocolate coconut water after a long workout

18. I have a good luck stuffed monkey that I sleep with the night before a race, he sometimes comes to races as well.

19. I love guacamole

20. I use to play tennis

21. I HATE swallowing pills and still today take gummy multivitamins

22. I still own a skateboard and ride it occasionally

23. I ran a 3:16 marathon, 8 months from a major spinal fusion where 20 plates, rods, and screws were inserted in my lower back

24. I use to call myself into school sick so I could go ride my horse and practice riding at the stable

25. I hope to be remembered as someone that inspires others


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