Brachial Plexus Surgery… Staying Positive

Many know that last week Monday I went into Barrow Neuro Institute / St. Joseph’s to undergo brachial plexus surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. After a year + of neck pain and arm weakness/numbness, a diagnosis was made. Dr. Nicholas Theodore and Dr. Mark Mahan took out the cervical rib, scalene muscles, tissue, and all else that was causing trouble. Surgery was a success. So incredibly grateful for these amazing surgeons. Went into surgery around noon-ish and parents told me got into recovery room around 3:30/ ish and was up to my hospital room around 8 PM. Ended up staying in the hospital until late Friday. The first few days in the hospital were BRUTAL!!! I think an equal combo of the pain from surgery and the effects of the pain medication. A double edged sword. For the record I HATE pain killers and since I left the hospital I have only taken tylenol. …. which has made some moments more painful than others but thankfully no side effects of the pain killers. I am breathing into the breathing thing, aerobic capacity training??? And as long as I don’t let my clavicle rise breathing isn’t to bad. Also, ice is a wonderful thing!!!!


As far as the actually neck incision it’s a little gruesome now but the Dr. promises it will not look like much in a few months. Phew. Good thing as I like to sport 2 piece swim suits and tank tops !!! As for now I am not doing to much, being monitored by my parents. They think Reese PB Cups and M&Ms are healing and they think I need to gain weight, not exactly what I’m thinking as my training has gone to a big fat ZERO. … but I am eating the Reese just because, well you can not NOT eat them when they are next to you and moving them hurts more than eating them 😉

Getting lots of computer time and catching up on blogs too. Walking 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes. Hoping to increase the walks a bit and start riding the bike on the trainer soon. I get to start PT this coming Monday back at Endurance Rehab, best place for PT and training and I miss the gang a ton. I am hoping to be back running by the new year and I see the surgeons next week Tuesday, so will know more then. Fingers crossed.

I am super excited for what 2014 will bring in both personal, professional, and my athletic career. I am happy to have the surgery behind me even though there have (I won’t lie) been a few moments were the pain and frustration in the last few days has gotten me down. I will do my best to chronicle the comeback here and be completely honest, the highs and the lows. But let’s all remember, regardless of the situation, it’s how we choose to respond. I choose to stay positive and be optimistic…. it’s worked so far!!!


Incision and (yes) quite a bit of swelling. #OperationRehab Day 8.


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